Schloss Halbturn, the most important Baroque building in the Burgenland, once served as a hunting and summer residence for the Emperor. The birth of the Schloss Halbturn vineyard was 1214 in Jois (Jungenberg). 2001 Weingut Schloss Halbturn was ambitiously restructured. Altogether a large part of the comprehensive 160 acres of the vineyard was cleared and replanted. In addition, the historic terraces on the Jungenberg were revitalised and a cellar in the Bordelais Style (chai) was built.

Since 2009 Weingut Schloss Halbturn is owned by the families of Markus Graf zu Koenigsegg-Aulendorf, Max Erbgraf zu Koenigsegg-Aulendorf and Dieter Hoffmann-Unzog (CEO). Since then an unconditional quality standard is implemented with an international team. This is confirmed by numerous large awards at home and abroad (among other awards Decanter World Wine Awards, Mondial des Pinots, Vinaria).

Weingut Schloss Halbturn is proud to offer wine affine epicureans, red wines ready for consumption. This assumes that the wines are introduced only five years after the harvest to the market and thus had ample time to develop for a first drinking experience. Weingut Schloss Halbturn has developed in recent years a great rarities cellar, so that the single vineyard wines and premium blends can be sustained based. For special occasions IMPÉRIAL- and SCHLOSS HALBTURN-wines, in different filling sizes from the small 0,375l bottle up to 15l large bottle, are highly recommended.



The Austrian Count Poth acquires several possessions in the former Western Hungary


Unification of these possessions under the Hungarian Altenburg


Acquisition of the first vineyards by the Hungarian Altenburg by the purchase of 14 farms in Jois (Jungenberg)


After the Count Poth line dies out, all the possessions became the property of the Royal Hungarian Kammergut


Emperor and King Ferdinand 1st invaded Hungary to make his rule valid. He handed over the entire Hungarian Altenburg rule to his sister Maria as a widow seat


Privilege of the certificate of origin for the vineyard of the Hungarian Altenburg rule


Building of castle Schloss Halbturn by Lucas von Hildebrandt, one of the most important Austrian representatives of late Baroque architecture, under the reign of Emperor Karl VI.


Completion of the building of Schloss Halbturn


Acquisition of the Hungarian Altenburg seat by Emperor Franz Stefan of the Hungarian crown in order to safeguard his own existence by overcoming exceptional events and emergencies, particularly with respect to the fate of the states existence independent of the governing families


Acquisition of the Schloss Halbturn by Empress Maria-Theresia and endowment to her daughter Duchess Marie Christine on the occasion of her wedding to Duke Albert-Casimir von Sachsen-Teschen


Field Marshal Archduke Carl, the victor at Aspern against Napoleon, receives the property from his mother the Duchess Marie Christine


The vineyards of Schloss Halbturn in Jois and Neusiedl are planted for the first time and the wine cellar in Jois is modernized


Archduke Albrecht, who later became Field Marshal and was victor at Custozza, receives the seat from his father, field marshal Archduke Carl


Archduke Friedrich, later Field Marshal in the 1st World War, inherits the seat from his uncle Archduke Albrecht


Archduke Albrecht, son of Archduke Friedrich, takes over the possession of Schloss Halbturn


After the death of Archduke Albrecht in Argentina his nephew, Baron Paul Waldbott-Bassenheim, inherits the nearly 7500 acres property of Schloss Halbturn


Baron Paul Waldbott-Bassenheim recognises the potential of the soils on his property and establishes a 100-acre vineyard at Wittmannshof right next to Schloss Halbturn. This location today is the largest contiguous vineyard location in private hands


Count Markus zu Kœnigsegg, nephew of Baron Paul Waldbott-Bassenheim, begins the restructuring and reorientation of the Schloss Halbturn vineyards. About 100 acres of the 160-acre property are replanted. The new cellar area is integrated directly into the castle and equipped with the latest cellar technology. A new, international and experienced team forms up in the Schloss Halbturn wine estate


Since the death of Baron Paul Waldbott-Bassenheim in 2008 Weingut Schloss Halbturn is owned by the families of Markus Graf zu Koenigsegg-Aulendorf, Max Erbgraf zu Koenigsegg-Aulendorf and Dieter Hoffmann-Unzog (CEO).


Weingut Schloss Halbturn conjures up notions of "Château | History | Tradition | Quality | Emotion" and thus sets new national and international standards. The implementation of our philosophy "quality does not allow for any compromise" covers all activities from vineyard cultivation to vinification, adequate maturation as well as cooperation with selected partners.

The strict quality philosophy comprises

  • close-to-nature cultivation of the soil to ensure healthy microorganisms in the soil
  • resource-conserving and ecological use of plant protectants
  • manual harvesting, use of small boxes (max. 15kg)
  • gentle and fast processing of the grapes
  • exclusively use of natural yeast in red wine vinification
  • storing of the wines mainly in wooden barrels
  • bottling of (most of) the wines without filtration after 18 to 20 months

Time is the most important quality factor.

The most important thing Schloss Halbturn grants its wines, is the time to develop themselves in an optimum way. A longer barrel and bottle aging as well as the launch of a large part of the red wines only five years after the harvest, already promise a special drinking experience on acquisition. Current vintages of wines are rounded off by a comprehensive range of rarities. Sustainable several vintages of IMPÉRIAL and SCHLOSS HALBTURN wines are available in different filling sizes (0,375l-15l). The ideal storage of the wine in the cellar of Schloss Halbturn ensures drinking pleasure for many years.


Weingut Schloss Halbturn has established itself with its exclusive single vineyard wines (SCHLOSS HALBTURN) and extraordinary premium blends (IMPÉRIAL) in haute cuisine as well as wine affine hedonists. Current vintages of these wines are rounded off by a comprehensive range of rarities. Sustainable several vintages are available in different filling sizes. Regional base wines (KŒNIGSEGG) with fruity stylistics complete our range.

SCHLOSS HALBTURN | top single vineyard wines

SCHLOSS HALBTURN wines are noted for their excellent quality, resulting from a quality-first philosophy in both vineyard and cellar. Expanded in barriques, dominate elegance, fruitness, density and longevity.
Assortment | Pinot Noir, Sankt Laurent, Blaufränkisch, Cuvée Jungenberg (ME-CF), Cabernet Franc, Grüner Veltliner, Chardonnay

IMPÉRIAL | exceptional Premium blends

IMPÉRIAL wines with their outstanding richness and balance combine international and local characteristics. Each of these wines unites the distinctive flavours of leading international wines with the distinctive finesse and powerful nose of leading varieties of the Burgenland (Austria). The result are two distinctive, Austrian blends with international claim.
Assortment | rot (BF-CS-ME-CF), weiß (SB-CH)

KŒNIGSEGG | base wines

KŒNIGSEGG-wines have a pronounced fruit depth and harmony, elegance and varietal characteristics describe the character of the wines.
Assortment | Zweigelt, Zweigelt Reserve, Cuvée Rot, Pinot Noir, Brut Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc


The vines of Weingut Schloss Halbturn are growing on the locations Wittmanshof (100 acres, Halbturn) and Jungenberg (25 acres, Jois). The vineyards are located in the Burgenland region, the "land of the sun". The northern part of the Burgenland has high content of the Pannonian climate (warm, temperate climate, with around 2000 hours of sunshine a year) and in the south Illyrian climate. The Pannonian climate, with hot, dry summers and cold winters, provides together with the Lake Neusiedl as a temperature controller for a long growing season. The highly differentiated soil structure of loess and black earth to gravel and sand, limestone and slate makes a wide range of grape varieties thrive.

Wittmannshof is the largest coherent vineyard plant in Austria. 2001 the vineyard was explored according to the latest geographical and oenological knowledge. Depending on each existing soil profile, the location was divided into six quarters. In large part it was replanted with red wine grapes. On the red ballast ground with lime sediment the varieties Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch, Pinot Noir, St. Laurent, Cabernet, Merlot as well as a small quantity of Chardonnay are cultivated.

The Jungenberg vineyard is at the tip of Lake Neusiedl which serves as a large climatic modulator in Jois. Even as early as 1214, there was the first documentary mention of this slope as a vineyard location. Simultaneously, this location saw the birth of the Schloss Halbturn vineyard. Based on carried out soil tests the location specified by four quarters | Terraces, South slope, North slope, "Auflangen". This historic vineyard has as a "grand terroir" unique soil conditions, optimum exposure to the sun, proximity to the Lake Neusiedl and the micro-climate resulting from it as well as a long and rich history. On the shell limestone soil with slate layers and high clay content and quartz varieties Pinot Noir, Blaufränkisch, Cabernet, Merlot and a small amount of Riesling are grown.


Weingut Schloss Halbturn GmbH & Co KG
Parkstraße 4 (bureau | second château courtyard on the left, 1st floor) | A-7131 Halbturn
T +43 2172 20 162-0 | F +43 2172 20 162-14
wein@schlosshalbturn.com | weingut-schlosshalbturn.com | schlossweine.com

CEOs, co-owners | Dieter Hoffmann-Unzog & Sarah-Janine Hoffmann, MSc
Maître de Chai | Francois Xavier Gaboriaud
chief oenologist | DI (FH) Markus Sieben
office | Eva Steiner, MA & Verena Unger

Meet us @ Schloss Halbturn

Experience "Château | History | Tradition | Quality | Emotion" at Weingut Schloss Halbturn. Arrange your personal appointment for an individual cellar tour and wine tasting at Schloss Halbturn via mail to wein@schlosshalbturn.com or call +43 2172 20 162-0. Wines can be purchased directly in the office of the wine estate (second château courtyard on the left, 1st floor). The office is open from Monday to Friday from 9 to 12 am. We advise you to inform us about your visit, so we can take time for you.

Partners of Schloss Halbturn

Weingut Schloss Halbturn works with selected partners. In Austria Weingut Schloss Halbturn is represented in the gastronomy by Morandell International GmbH | www.morandell.com. In Switzerland, both gastronomy partners as well as private customers are served by the subsidiary AFW Austrian Fine Wine GmbH | www.austrianfinewine.ch. In the Netherlands, both gastronomy partners as well as private customers are served by the subsidiary AFW Austrian Fine Wine B.V. Weingut Schloss Halbturn extends the international network with long-term-oriented cooperations and is looking forward on establishment of contact.